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Freshness is paramount in Stone Street Coffee, and our business is built on it. From the best sourcing and quality assurance, to our commitment to small batch roasting, we ensure that ours are the best coffee beans around.

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From Origin To Cup

Stone Street coffee has created strong partnerships at the source and all around the world with family farms, and local producers in looking for the perfect beans. The success of the fruit (and therefore the coffee) will pass through the hands of people: those who harvest our cherries, those who roast our beans, make our bags and even those who will carry the cup. From the beginning, each passionate soul works to offer you a unique experience. The journey has contributed to make the bean what it is... as well as the earth and the seasons... that's why we travel in perpetual pursuit of perfection and we carry you through your coffee drink.

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Brooklyn coffee academy

Nov 1, 2022

The History of Coffee

The word “coffee” has roots in several languages. As news of the berries traveled through Yemen, it was called qahwah, a romantic term for wine. Through Turkey, it became the Turkish kahveh and then Dutch koffie before settling into the English word, coffee.

Oct 18, 2022

Why You’ll Love Cold Brew Coffee

Don’t call it a comeback. Cold brew coffee may seem to be the latest trend; however, this thirst trap has been around for centuries. You may be unimpressed by regular coffee that has been poured over ice, but then, you’d be doing it wrong. Cold brew coffee is a miracle in a mug (er, glass?), and we are about to shake down some facts on why.
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