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Mayan Water Decaf

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Want a coffee that is delicious, decaf, and created using environmentally friendly practices? Our Mayan Water Decaf checks all the boxes and then some. This full-flavored decaf features a modest body, rich taste, and earthy notes that let you savor the taste of coffee without the caffeine. Using Swiss Water processing, the caffeine is removed using only water, temperature, and time to preserve the coffee’s original flavors.

  • Blend
  • Medium roast
  • Decaf
  • Kosher
  • Rich and full-flavored decaf with a subtle, earthy taste

With all five-star reviews, this decaf is a favorite of customers worldwide. Whether you enjoy it piping hot with a splash of cream or poured over ice for a refreshing summer treat, this blend is sure to delight.

Satisfy your taste buds and the environment with our Mayan Water Decaf.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Ryan Wilson

Mayan Water Decaf

Steven George
Mayan Water Decaf - Is Great!

I love the Mayan coffee - it's flavourful, and well balanced

This coffee is a great choice, for me, and I say that because I like the Lighter Roasts (well, up to Medium roast :-) and this coffee just hits all the right buttons for taste.

About the Decaf - to be fair, I go back and forth about decaf (0% - 50% -100%) I consume all of them - I basically like decaf iced coffee for summer evenings - it's just cool and refreshing and a perfect drink

I'd say I'd "buy it again" but I've done that about 3 or 4 times already!
So it's a great choice

Tom Caprel

Mayan Water Decaf

Robert Ayers

The taste and smell of Wall Street Expresso and Brooklyn Roast are amazing.
My orders always come within two days. Great Company. Thank you all.

Charlotte L

Simply delicious

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