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Café Latte Brew Guide

What hot beverage can be better than a café latte? Italian in origin and made with espresso and steamed milk, this coffee beverage is almost too good to be true. Your morning latte can serve up one full cup of milk, which delivers 300mg of calcium and 8 grams of protein, to fuel your day and keep you going longer.

Café lattes are the ideal vehicle for a variety of tantalizing add-ons. You can top your steamed milk with cinnamon, nutmeg, or another spice, as well as add flavor extracts to your espresso. Lighten up on calories by using fat-free milk or substitute your favorite drip coffee for the espresso. Get creative – your latte can flex.

What You Need for Café Lattes

2 espresso shots (2 ounces)

½ cup (4 ounces) fresh whole milk

How to Make a Café Latte


Brew espresso to your preferred strength

Step 2:

Steam the milk (espresso machine or stovetop method)

Step 3:

Pour steamed milk over espresso

Step 4:

Mix steamed milk into espresso

Step 5:

Add frothed milk to top & Enjoy!

Top Questions about Café Lattes

There are several ways to make your perfect café latte. You can use an espresso machine to make your favorite espresso roast or a manual espresso maker. An espresso machine comes with a milk steamer on board, but there are manual ways to froth milk that work just as well.

What is a Café Latte?

A café latte is a coffee drink with espresso and steamed milk, topped with a layer of milk foam. You can top your latte with simple foam or get creative with a “wet-paint” like texture that baristas call “microfoam.” Most of us have seen the heart-shaped designs in the microfoam of a latte - and we love it!

What is in a Café Latte?

As we mentioned, a latte is made of espresso topped with steamed milk. Fresh milk makes the best froth, but the non-dairy option of oat milk froths up well and has great flavor. Lattes can be enhanced with flavorings such as vanilla, hazelnut, and seasonal pumpkin spice or enjoyed in its fresh-brewed natural flavor.

What is the Difference Between a Café Latte and a Cappuccino?

A cappuccino is made with equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. This drink is presented with the ingredients in layers. A café latte is a delicious mixture of espresso and steamed milk with a layer of milk froth on top. The ratio of espresso to milk in a latte develops a smoother coffee drink.

Is a Café Latte Stronger than Coffee?

A typical 8-ounce café latte has 75 to 100 mg of caffeine. An 8-ounce cup of regular drip coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine. If you choose to add two shots of espresso to your latte, that will increase the caffeine strength. Because a latte coffee drink is mixed with milk, it loses a bit of its potency but none of the great taste.


How to Make an Iced Café Latte

You can cool off your latte with a little ice without compromising flavor. Just add two shots of espresso to your steamed milk and pour over ice. Letting your espresso cool before pouring it over ice reduces the watered-down effect of melted ice. Add your steamed milk and a dollop of dreamy milk froth, and enjoy your cool coffee concoction. 

How to Serve a Café Latte

An 8.5-ounce latte cup is ideal. There are cups made specifically for lattes, which allow for the right volume of espresso and foam. A standard coffee mug will always work in a pinch, and you can still have room to experiment with your milk foam art!


One important detail to consider: the café latte is of Italian origin. Be mindful when ordering a latte at your local coffee shop because a wise-cracking barista may serve you a cup of milk! Latte literally translates as “milk” in Italian, so adding the café to your latte is a detail you don’t want to miss. Not up for that level of joking before you’ve had your morning café latte? Brew your own! It’s so easy.

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