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Cold Brew Guide

Cold brew coffee is the hottest trend in coffee service. But not because it’s new. Cold brew has been on the scene for centuries, but only recently has it come into its own as a home brew favorite. The smooth taste of cold brew and the fact that it is easy to make are only two reasons this cold drink is so hot.

Cold brew coffee beans do not interact with hot water, so the oils that carry acid do not get pulled into your brew. This results in a flavorful brew with 65% less acidity compared to regular coffee. Cold brew is much more complex than regular coffee poured over ice; it’s a miracle in a cup.

What You Need for cold brew

Freshly coarse ground coffee beans (approximately 100 grams per liter of water)

Cold water (approximately 1 liter)

Vessel for brewing (pot, pitcher, or jar)

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee


In the brewing vessel, combine measured water and coffee

Step 2:

Let the brew sit in the vessel for 12-18 hours at room temperature

Step 3:

Strain out the grounds

Step 4:

Chill & Enjoy


Stone Street is the top brand of flavored Cold Brew. The flavor of our gourmet coffee is the result of the "savoir-faire" and creativity of our roaster: a blend of carefully selected beans and natural and artifical flavors. All these creations share a common goal... To bring you endless satisfaction!

Top Questions about Cold Brew Coffee

Getting started making cold brew is easier than you may think! Consider some of these frequently asked questions:

Can I Add Creamer to Cold Brew Coffee?

The short answer is yes. But if it is prepared properly, cold brew coffee enthusiasts say it is so good that there is no need to add cream or sugar. Because cold brew coffee grounds never come into contact
with hot water, the acidity and brightness of hot coffee are replaced with richness and depth, making it a drink best enjoyed without enhancements.

What is the Purpose of Cold Brew Coffee?

The cold brewing process extracts the flavor of the coffee bean differently than a hot brew. The flavor and caffeine extracted from the coffee beans produce a rich, flavorful brew that is smoother and milder. Cool water does not produce the acidity or bitter flavor associated
with hot coffee.

What Coffee Can I Use for Cold Brew Coffee?

You can use your favorite coffee beans to make cold brew coffee. Just make sure your favorite beans are ground coarsely. Enjoy the smooth, robust flavor profile of a medium or dark roast coffee with less acidity than when served over ice.

Is Cold Brew Coffee Healthy?

Many of the health benefits of cold brew coffee are similar to regular coffee. Drinking a cup or two a day can offer benefits to your mental and physical health. In addition, cold brew coffee is less acidic and may be less irritating to your stomach than hot coffee.


What’s the Difference Between Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee?

Iced coffee is often a sad substitute for the elevated flavor profile of a cold brew coffee. Iced coffee is often made from coffee that has been brewed too strong and then watered down, ruining the chance of you tasting the flavor of the fresh, hot coffee the bean was originally roasted to become. Once it is poured over ice, the coffee is further diluted,
prompting the need for cream, sugar, and flavoring to provide an enjoyable experience..

Why is my Cold Brew Coffee Weak?

Cold brew coffee is often weak when it doesn’t soak long enough. The minimum amount of time to soak should be 12 hours. If you find the brew weak and somewhat astringent, allow it to continue to soak for up to 18 hours. You will learn how to adjust the time to create a brew that is super smooth and matches your taste perfectly.

Why is my Cold Brew Coffee Sour?

Cold brew coffee can taste sour when the grounds are too coarse. The flavor of the coffee is extracted from the grounds while soaking. If the grounds are too coarse, less flavor can be extracted, causing a sour taste.

Giving cold brew coffee a chance is like opening your mind to a whole new flavor palate you didn’t know existed. Your world will be opened to a rich coffee profile that requires less sweetener and more sweet time. Cold brew coffee has an easily adaptable brewing process, and
in no time, you will discover the optimal brewing time that creates the perfect cup of cold brew for you.

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