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Wall Street Espresso Blend

Ethiopia, the Birthplace of Coffee

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, so if you're a coffee-lover, you must experience the original to fully appreciate every other coffee experience. Anyone that has had Ethiopian coffee beans knows that it’s special.

There's a reason the coffee plant was carried from Ethiopia across the Red Sea to present-day Arabia and Yemen. They made the arduous trek because the Ethiopian coffee beans are incredible, and they were worth sharing with the world. In addition, they are beloved by coffee fans that crave a full-bodied bright coffee with both fruit and floral notes.

Where is the Birthplace of Coffee Beans?

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, Light Roast

The arabica coffee beans we know and love today originated in 1,000 BC in the Kingdom of Kefa, in present-day Ethiopia. However, arabica coffee beans get their name from the excursion they made in the 7th century from Ethiopia to Arabia. Of course, no one loves when another person (or country) takes credit for their work; however, Arabia is where the majority of our modern-day coffee brewing processes originated.

If you're searching for the quintessential coffee experience, you have to go back to the coffea plant roots. Ethiopian coffee beans are the original coffee beans. While many growing, roasting, and brewing processes have changed throughout the centuries, one thing that hasn’t changed is that the original home of coffee beans is still the provider of bright and delicious coffee.

3 Ways to Experience Ethiopian Coffee Beans

  • Yirgacheffe coffee beans
  • Sidamo coffee beans
  • Wall Street blend & espresso pods 

Yirgacheffe: The Best Ethiopian Coffee Beans

The Yirgacheffe coffee beans are the pinnacle of high-quality, great-tasting coffee if it's up to Stone Street coffee drinkers. How do we know this? Because it consistently ranks as our bestselling single-origin coffee.

It’s no surprise with its flavor notes of chocolate and lemon and floral aroma that it ranks as the overall favorite. If you’re looking for a light roast coffee that's smooth and mellow, this is your new go-to.

Fall in Love With Yirgacheffe

Sidamo: A Fruity Flavor Explosion

This Ethiopian coffee will be your jam if you want to start your day or get your afternoon pick-me-up with a steaming cup of light roast coffee packed full of berry flavors. Between the plum, tropical spices, and raspberry jam flavors, you get a complex cup of coffee that is meant to excite your taste buds.

Experience the Berry Best Ethiopian Coffee

Wall Street Blend: Ethiopian Coffee Beans 3 Ways

This Central-American blend features Ethiopian coffee beans to provide a well-rounded experience for these espresso coffee beans. You'll taste hints of vanilla, chocolate, and nuts in a smooth and satisfying espresso shot or your favorite espresso drink.

Make the Best Espresso Drinks at Home 

3 Ways to Enjoy our Wall Street Blend

Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee, Light Roast

  • Pods - compatible with Keurig machines
  • Espresso Pods - compatible with most Nespresso machines
  • Can - whole bean or finely ground

Ethiopian Coffee Beans: Number 5 Producer, Number 1 in our Hearts

Ethiopia is the 5th-largest producer of coffee beans globally but the top producer when it comes to flavor and mouthfeel. Stone Street coffee lovers appreciate the bright acidity, smooth consistency, and no aftertaste. Once you've had Ethiopian coffee beans, it will be hard to drink anything else.

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