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How Do You Choose a Coffee Roast?

How Do You Choose a Coffee Roast?

Choosing the right coffee roast type for you is both art and science. You know what you like, and you also know that what you like might change depending on where you are, what you are doing, and the time of day. Don’t buy into the myths; choosing the right coffee roast type is a bit like going on an adventure in taste.

As you consider which coffee roast type is right for you, you will note the coffee roast differences and how those work their way across your palate on different occasions. The coffee bean roast you enjoy in the morning may not be the right roast for that after-dinner cup of Joe. Learning what you enjoy is the fun part of choosing the right coffee roast type for you.

What are the Different Coffee Roast Types?

Worlds Fair 1964 Light Roast Coffee in Bag

There are three different coffee roast types, though some even consider there to be a fourth. Each roast is created using parts of the bean differently and has a different aroma, appearance, and flavor. The flavor of the coffee depends on the length of the coffee bean roast, which also affects its color and level of acidity. There are coffee roast differences that help you determine which is the right coffee roast type for you.

Coffee Roast Types

  1. Light roast
  2. Medium roast
  3. Medium-Dark roast
  4. Dark roast 

1. Light Roast is roasted for the least amount of time.

This coffee bean roast is characterized by more floral notes and acidity. This flavor profile comes from the coffee bean being heated just long enough to roast the bean but not long enough to bring oils to the surface from long exposure to a high temperature. The bean is roasted until the first crack, retaining the moisture that creates the citrus or lemon notes that some find pleasing.

2. The average coffee drinker enjoys a cup of medium roast.

House Blend Medium Roast Coffee in Bag

Medium roast is considered to have balanced flavors. Roasted long enough to experience the first crack but not a second, this coffee roast type has a little more body and less acidity than a light roast. This coffee roast difference is one of the main reasons it is considered the coffee roast type more people are used to. However, enjoying a well-balanced cup of medium roast makes you anything but average!

3. Medium-dark coffee roast is considered a coffee roast type.

The medium-dark coffee roast type is created when the coffee beans are roasted to just after the second crack. The natural oils of the bean will start forming on the surface due to the high temperature. The coffee roast difference in a medium-dark roast is the full-bodied flavor with a rich, less-acidic taste than the light roast or medium roast.

4. Dark roast coffee has sweeter flavors.

Dark roast coffee has sweeter flavors because the beans have been roasted long enough to caramelize the sugars in the bean. This coffee roast type has the least acidity. The longer roasting process of the dark roast bean leads to a richer flavor and a full-bodied, buttery finish.

What Type of Coffee Roast is Best?

Dark Blend Roast Coffee

This is where the adventure in choosing the right coffee roast for you begins! As you explore the coffee roast differences, you will note which coffee roast type appeals most to you. You may even find that you enjoy your coffee bean roast prepared a certain way. The only way to know for sure is to get out there and taste!

What is a Good Coffee Roast Type for Beginners?

Starting to drink coffee is a big step towards a delicious obsession. If you don’t know where to start, think about some of your favorite foods and flavors. Do you prefer chocolate or spices? Fruit or cheese? Floral notes or scotch? Be familiar with your general preferences and don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new!

Coffee Tips for Beginners

When you are ready to experience different coffee roast types, you can also open yourself up to different ways to prepare coffee. Often, the method in which a cup of coffee is brewed creates a difference in the coffee roast flavor that may change your opinion of the coffee roast type. Consider the following ways to prepare coffee and which coffee roast type is considered best for each. 

What Coffee Roast Type is Best for Drip Brew?

Brooklyn Roast Coffee in Bag

Medium roast is often considered the best coffee roast type for drip brew coffee. Drip coffee makers are the standard when it comes to coffee brewing and producing robust coffees. These make use of gravity to pull water down through the coffee grounds, extracting the balanced, flavorful coffee that medium roasts are known for.

What is the Difference between Drip Brew and Pour-Over?

Pour-over coffee is done by hand. Meaning that rather than put the water through a machine, the coffee maker (you!) maintains control over the brewing process. You control the water flow and saturation of the coffee grounds, so it is up to you to complete the brewing process correctly. No pressure – there’s a YouTube video to show you how!

What Coffee Roast Type is Best for Espresso?

Most coffee experts agree that dark roast coffee beans are best for espresso. The rich, deep flavors of a dark roast go well with milk, so lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and cortados are enhanced by the addition of espresso. While you can technically make espresso with any coffee roast type, the beans you use will impact the taste of your hot beverage.

What Coffee Roast Type is Best for French Press?

Bodum Cold Brew 50oz Stone Street French Press

A French press is known to produce the most intense cup of coffee, so choose your coffee roast type accordingly! A light roast or medium roast can produce a bold cup due to the way the press extracts flavor from the grounds. If you plan on adding milk or cream to your coffee, lean into a coffee roast type described as nutty or chocolatey, as those flavors are enhanced with a French press.

Steps to a Perfect French Press Coffee

  1. Place pot on dry, flat surface
  2. Add heaping tablespoon of coffee per 6.7 oz of water
  3. Pour hot water – not boiling – into carafe
  4. Stir gently
  5. Reinsert plunger carefully, stopping just above water level
  6. Let stand for 3-4 minutes
  7. Press plunger down slowly with steady pressure
  8. Pour delicious cup of French press coffee into favorite mug
  9. Enjoy!

What Coffee Roast Type is Best for Cold Brew?

Cold Brew Reserve Coffee

If you are looking for the best overall coffee for cold brew – it’s Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Dark Roast. This cold brew roast tastes rich and creamy, whether poured straight up over ice or mixed with a splash of milk or cream. So decadent, you will keep this on hand to mix up your favorite coffee cocktail, as well. Espresso Martini, anyone? 

What Does Cold Brewed Mean? 

The people of Kyoto, Japan, are credited with crafting this type of coffee using cold water. Cold brew is made by steeping medium-to-coarse coffee grounds in room temperature water for 12 hours or longer and then filtering out the grounds to preserve the coffee. A cold brew is never exposed to heat, unlike other coffee preparations.

Cold brew roasts of choice tend to be dark roasts due to the more consistent flavor profiles. Light roast coffee can be acidic, but the cold brew process plays down that profile. The nutty, chocolatey flavor profiles of dark roasts will be brought forward, making them the perfect match for milk or sweeteners.

When Did Cold Brew Roast Become Popular?

Cold Brew Breakfast Blend Coffee in Bag

Cold brew roast has been a consistent trend in America since the 1920s. These days, though, we may have younger coffee drinkers to thank for keeping the trend alive and well. Studies show that millennials are more likely to enjoy cold brew roasts throughout the day. The experience of drinking a sustainable and eco-friendly product appeals to this generation the way beer and wine appeal to previous generations.

Why Do You Want to Drink Coffee?

So, why do you want to drink coffee, anyway? To avoid drinking coffee is to deprive yourself of one of life’s greatest pleasures! While you want to enjoy it in moderation, there are many great health benefits to enjoying a hot cup of Java.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

  • Feel less tired
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve productivity and brain function

For some, it is the health benefits that keep them coming back for that next cup of medium roast. For others, it is the nostalgia of that slightly fruity smell of a light roast that transports them to the kitchen of their childhood. A routine can be comforting, and spending a few moments a couple of times a day with your favorite coffee roast type can help you feel relaxed and productive. 

Coffee Brings People Together

Stone Street Original Coffee Mug

Historically speaking, people have been gathering around the table to share a cup of coffee for centuries. Coffee shops have long been the places to order a hot medium roast and post up at a table to read, write, or meet with friends and business associates. Coffee houses of today often excel in their selection of coffee roast types and offer an ideal opportunity to stretch your coffee flavor palate. But brewing at home is on the rise. 

Are People Drinking More Coffee at Home?

According to studies, more Americans are drinking coffee at home now than in the past. Additionally, people are becoming more adventurous in the coffee roast types they will try. Brewing your favorite coffee bean roast at home is more on trend now than ever.

Part of the increase in adventurous consumption of different coffee roast types at home has been the rise of subscription services by reputable coffee companies. In fact, coffee subscription services have seen a steep increase in popularity over the past couple of years. The consumer’s desire to develop knowledge regarding unique flavor notes and discover new coffee roast types and flavors are the leading motivators behind this growing trend.

Should I Invest in a Coffee Subscription Service?

If you want fresh, sustainably sourced beans and informative interactions with the roaster, a subscription service from a high-quality coffee company is a great investment. Part of learning and experiencing the various coffee roast types and educating yourself on coffee roast differences is immersing yourself in great beans.

Coffee subscription services are often designed to deliver the beans as soon after roasting as possible. Their freshness is above and beyond anything you would purchase at your local grocery store or online supermarket. These subscription services exist to open your mind to the many possibilities in coffee roast types and reward you for your loyalty.

How Do I Choose the Right Coffee Subscription Service for Me?

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee in Bag

The best part about a subscription service is that you can explore the coffee roast type differences of many bags of coffee beans until you discover what is right for you. After you choose your favorites, you can continue to order just those bags with a delivery schedule that works for you!

Another benefit of choosing a coffee subscription service is that you will never stumble into your kitchen for a cup of Java and find you have run out! Once you have chosen the coffee that is right for you, you will never want to be without. A quality coffee makes all the difference when developing a taste for the most popular beverage in America.

Whether you invite people over for an after-dinner cup of steaming medium roast or settle down for the evening with a book and a cold brew roast blended espresso martini, you’ve opened a new chapter of life! Your expanded palate will continue to crave the adventure of discovering new coffee bean roasts that produce the flavor profiles you enjoy most. The right coffee will be your routine, your comfort, and the addiction you will always consider your greatest investment.

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