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Why Cold Brew Coffee is the Only Brew for You

Why Cold Brew Coffee is the Only Brew for You

Coffee aficionados and novices alike agree – cold brew coffee is the best brew to get your day started. They would also argue it is great for midday and submit that a lovely cold brew decaf is a perfect way to wind down the evening. In fact, these trendy people would say that cold brew coffee is the only brew you need.

Whether you are looking for a quick pick-me-up or a smooth coffee drink with a rich flavor profile, cold brew coffee is the drink of choice. Cold brewing dates back to 1600s Japan, but really hit its stride in the United States in the ‘90s, thanks to younger generations who crave convenience as much as coffee. Thanks to them, the future of cold brew looks very bright.


Is Cold Brew Trending?

Cold brew coffee is one of the hottest trends in the U.S. coffee market. The product has a projected growth rate of 20.3% between 2021 and 2026. This translates into $346.5 million in the United States alone.

The cold brew coffee market is hot even when the weather is not. Sales of cold brew coffee do not see a significant decline in colder weather. Cold brew and cold brew decaf are exceptional vehicles for seasonal spices and flavors that inspire feelings of fall and the sentiment of Santa. Don’t let the weather keep you from your favorite brew – you can enjoy it all year long.


Why is Cold Brew Coffee Popular?

It’s hard to pick just one reason this coffee brew is so popular. The easy brewing process, stability, and smooth flavor are just the beginning. Brewing up a batch of cold brew creates a less acidic flavor profile, which can be easier on the stomach and taste buds.

Cold brew owes its popularity in large part to the generation who have really taken to cold brew consumption – millennials. Seeking more than just a product, millennials enjoy the experience of coffee, much like older generations enjoyed wine and beer. The convenience of the beverage means it can be picked up and enjoyed at home – another trend gaining popularity with younger generations.


Is Cold Brew Coffee Here to Stay?

Cold brew coffee is a trend that will stick around for years to come. The cold brew process creates a more stable product than hot coffee, so single-served or packaged options are very popular with people on the go. Cold brew coffee products in bottles and cans are flying off the shelves in record numbers, and the brew-at-home craze is just beginning.


I Like Cold Brew Coffee – What Does That Say About Me?

Your coffee preference may say more about you than you might think. For example, people who prefer cold brew coffee may be more likely to prefer sunny weather, science fiction, and be part of Gen Z. Does drinking cold brew decaf say something about you? Absolutely! It says you have a strong preference for cold brew coffee any time of day.


Are There Health Benefits to Cold Brew Coffee?

Drinking cold brew coffee has the same benefits as regular coffee. Of course, cold brew contains more caffeine than regular coffee so having a cold brew decaf option is great for those who are more sensitive to caffeine. Cold brew coffee has compounds that may reduce your risk of heart disease as well as many other benefits.


Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

  • Improves mental acuity
  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Boosts energy
  • Eases stomach issues related to coffee drinking


Cold brew coffee has provided coffee lovers with an easy-to-make, just-as-healthy alternative to hot coffee and coffee lovers are here for it. Younger generations may have started the craze; however, older coffee drinkers are also reaping the benefits. The availability of cold brew and the knowledge of its health benefits are uniting the generations on one mutual obsession – the love of coffee.


Are Cold Brew and Iced Coffee the Same Thing?

Iced coffee is regular drip coffee that is poured over ice. The type of roast used to make the coffee will influence the flavor profile. When the coffee is poured over ice, the coffee is watered down, which dilutes any of the unique notes and flavors that were developed in the beans at the time they were ground and brewed.

To a coffee lover, this is disappointment in a cup. To a novice coffee drinker, it is a confusing experience that may leave a bad taste in their mouth and prevent them from trying a proper cup of cold brew. Either way, don’t make the mistake of ordering iced coffee and expecting a cold brew coffee – it will just make you sad.


Is Cold Brew Coffee Good for Someone Who Doesn’t Like Coffee?

Cold brew coffee (or cold brew decaf) is an ideal coffee drink for someone who is just developing a taste for coffee. Because of the way it is steeped for a long time, much of the bitterness doesn’t come out of the bean. This makes a smooth sweet flavor with a nice pick-me-up that makes a perfect introduction to a new obsession for any new coffee drinker.

The perfect cup of cold brew coffee will make a coffee lover out of anybody! It is almost impossible not to love the cold sweetness of a cold brew or cold brew decaf that is made from freshly ground beans. Completely erase that terrible iced coffee experience with a flavorful cold brew - you’ll never look back!


Pros and Cons of Cold Brew Coffee

Pros of Cold Brew:

  • Crisp, light, and refreshing
  • Preserves more acidity


Cons of Cold Brew:

  • Difficult to achieve full extraction due to small-batch brewing
  • Light body makes it less ideal for adding milk


Can I Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home?

Cold brew and cold brew decaf fit perfectly into the growing trend of brewing your own coffee at home. Brewing coffee at home grew to an all-time high during the pandemic, with post-pandemic home brewing preferences reflecting that Americans still choose to consume their daily brew at home. With the availability of inexpensive equipment and the rise of subscription services, the only one who has to know your favorite coffee order is you.


What Do I Need to Make My Own Cold Brew Coffee?

One of the most appealing things about cold brew or cold brew decaf is how easy it is to make. It takes minimal equipment, and in about the time it takes to binge the first season of “After Life,” you have a freshly brewed pot of cold brew coffee. Simply gather a coffee pot, pitcher, or jar, room temperature water, and your favorite coarsely ground fresh coffee beans.


How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Step 1: In the brewing vessel, combine measured water and coffee

Step 2: Let the brew sit in the vessel for 12-18 hours at room temperature

Step 3: Strain out the grounds

Step 4: Chill and enjoy


How Does Cold Brewing Work?

Coffee is made from complex little beans that contain chemical compounds, caffeine, oils, and flavor molecules. When you grind roasted coffee beans and add hot water, those molecules are extracted quickly from the bean and impact the flavor profile and caffeine content of the coffee. When you grind the same beans and add cold water, the extraction process happens much more slowly, creating a different flavor profile and higher caffeine content.


Do I Need Special Beans for Cold Brew Coffee?

You can use your favorite coffee roast for cold brew or your favorite decaf blend for cold brew decaf. If you are a coffee lover, you will enjoy experiencing the different flavor profiles your beans provide when brewed cold and slow rather than in a regular drip method. While any roast will do, dark roasts are most used because the roast profile is more consistent, offering a lower margin of error and a rich flavor that works well with added milk or sweeteners.


Which Coffee Grind is Best for Cold Brew Coffee?

Coarsely ground fresh coffee beans are ideal for the perfect cup of cold brew or cold brew decaf coffee. The coarse grounds hold the water a little longer, allowing the flavor of the roast to be extracted slowly over a long period of time. Coarse grounds are also easier to strain from the water at the end of the brewing process, where finely ground coffee beans will leave powder-like silt in the finished brew.


Can You Drink Cold Brew Coffee Every Day?

As previously discussed, cold brew and cold brew decaf have health benefits like regular coffee. Enjoying cold brew coffee daily is not bad for you, so there is no reason not to sip all day, every day, from morning ‘til night. To keep your coffee habit positive, watch the amount of add-ins like milk and flavored syrups, along with your overall caffeine intake.


I Want to Drink Cold Brew Every Day – Do I Have to Make a New Batch?

When you brew your coffee at home, you become an expert barista after a little practice and the blissful benefit of tasting all your “mistakes.” Cold brew concentrate is an excellent way to keep cold brew and cold brew decaf on hand without the effort of making it every day. Simply adjust your water-to-coffee ratio for a stronger brew. Mix your cold brew concentrate with fresh water until you achieve your preferred cold brew strength.


Can You Heat Up Cold Brew Coffee?

Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Why patiently cold brew your favorite dark roast coffee beans only to heat up the brew? It’s all in the beans.

Cold brew coffee is typically made with dark roast coffee blends. The result is dark roast coffee without the acidity that hot water brings out of the bean. Heating up smooth cold brew coffee is a great way to experience a different flavor profile from your favorite dark roast blend.


Is Nitro a Thing and How Does it Affect Your Cold Brew Coffee?

Nitro is totally a thing, and you will love how it affects your favorite cold brew! Nitro coffee is cold-brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas. The nitrogen adds a little sweetness and creates a smoother, creamier brew without adding milk, sugar, or any of their substitutes.

Nitrogen gas is perfectly safe to add to coffee. N2 gas, or nitrogen, makes up about 78% of the air we breathe. Some would say it is about as necessary for our survival as the coffee we drink.


What is the Difference Between Nitro and Cold Brew Coffee?

The only difference between nitro and cold brew and cold brew decaf coffee is the texture. The nitrogen gas does not have an odor or flavor, so it does not affect the flavor profile. It just creates a texture that is smoother, richer, and velvetier.


How Do I find the Freshest Coffee Beans?

When you want the freshest coffee beans to brew the best cold brew or cold brew decaf at home, skip the grocery store – order straight from an artisan roaster that has an unparalleled approach to freshness. Stone Street Coffee roasts its beans right over the bridge in Brooklyn, New York, prioritizing the best sourcing and quality, small-batch roasting. Your beans come to you freshly ground in the consistency of your choice – fine, medium, or coarse – and can always be delivered whole to let you grind as you go.

Cold brew coffee is here to stay, and finding your perfect beans can be as easy as subscribing to fresh bean delivery. Save money and explore options by changing up your coffee roast selections for each delivery or find your favorite brew and keep it coming on a regular basis. Either way, you will never run out of fresh coffee, and you will not be disappointed in the blends and single-origin selections available from Stone Street Coffee.

Whether you are a coffee expert or an aspiring coffee drinker, you will appreciate that your perfect cup of cold brew starts with our chosen farmers. You will taste the authenticity in each cup and spoil your palate as you savor coffee made from the best coffee beans around.

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