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Mexico Soconusco Coffee: Volcanic Flavor

Mexico Soconusco Coffee: Volcanic Flavor

Soconusco, Chiapas, located on the border of Guatemala, is a small community in Mexico known for having the country’s most fertile land for agriculture. Steady rainfall and volcanic ash from the Tacana Volcano have created a beautifully unique and enriched soil that makes our Mexico Soconusco light roast coffee an instant favorite.

Light and Smooth

Our light roasted Mexico Soconusco single-origin coffee is proudly sourced from Mexico. You can expect a bright and brisk acidity paired with a light and delicate flavor. This creates a smooth and well-balanced cup of coffee with flavor notes of chocolate and fruit.

Harvest season in Chiapas begins in December and typically goes through the end of March. The forest canopy provides a natural shade for the coffee trees to develop. The surrounding mountains and proximity to the ocean create an ideal climate for growing top-notch coffee.

Origin Story of Mexico Soconusco Coffee

two cups of Mexico Soconusco coffee in colorful coffee cups

The majority of the last quarter of the 19th century was dedicated to the Soconusco region reaching its full potential in developing its natural resources. It took less than 20 years for the region to become Mexico's primary producer and exporter of coffee.

The Chiapas region produces 18 million tons of coffee annually. Over 60,000 growers in the area manually harvest the coffee beans, ensuring that only the best and brightest arabica coffee beans are used to produce your morning cup of Joe.

With over half the community's population working in the agriculture industry, you know this region takes pride in the coffee beans they grow and export. Of the harvestable land in Soconusco, 37% is dedicated to growing coffee beans.

Soil rich in volcanic ash paired with heavy rainfall that keeps the land hydrated gives the beans the capacity to carry multiple bold flavors. The soil conditions produce beans with a robust and intense flavor and aroma. Coffee brewed with our Mexico Soconusco coffee beans will be smooth and balanced, creating a consistent, quality experience with every cup. 

Mexico Soconusco coffee is a single-origin light roast, making it ideal for:

Lighter Roast, Lower Caffeine?

Light roast coffee beans are roasted for less time than darker roasts; this creates a denser bean. In addition, since they spend less time in the heat from the roasting process, the beans themselves are larger.

cup of coffee made using pour over coffee method

There are debates on whether dark or light roast coffee has higher amounts of caffeine. The amount of caffeine in light, medium, and dark roasts is virtually the same. However, if you measure coffee beans to make your cup, a cup of dark roast will have more caffeine than a light roast.

The beans themselves do not have a significantly higher rate of caffeine; however, light roast beans are larger than dark roast coffee beans. With larger beans, you will inevitably have fewer beans per scoop compared to dark roast coffee. Thus, a slightly less caffeinated cup of coffee may come from a light roast.

Mexico Soconusco Coffee

Mexico Soconusco coffee beans are harvested close to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, making it the ideal location for arabica coffee beans to flourish. Pair this location with the balancing environmental factors of consistent rainfall and rich volcanic soil, and you have a flavor-filled cup of coffee.

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