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The Bean Battle Continues: Dark Roast Coffee vs. Light Roast Coffee

The Bean Battle Continues: Dark Roast Coffee vs. Light Roast Coffee

There is no way around it – people take their cup of Joe very, very seriously. Whether you prefer a strong dark roasted coffees or the floral notes of a light roast coffee, you can’t start your day without it. And you are not alone – 64% of Americans wrap their hands around the blessed cup at least once a day.

Every single day, Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee. That translates into about 146 billion cups of coffee per year. Can you say obsessed? That’s a lot of Java! Let’s break open the bean and find out why people are so obsessed with their favorite roast – light roast coffee versus dark roast coffee.

How Do They Make Light Roast Coffee? 

Coffee Beans and Coffee Grounds on White Background

It all starts with the bean. The coffee bean literally grows on trees! The coffee bean comes from the coffee plant in the form of a seed within a coffee cherry. When they are ripe and ready for picking, they will produce two beans.

Aromas of Light Roast Coffee:

  • Sweet
  • Malty
  • Floral

Light roast coffee starts with the lightest roasting level, which forces water and moisture out of the bean. Since light roast coffee beans are not roasted for a long time, they are left with much of their natural moisture, which makes them denser. A dense bean will contain more caffeine, retain its brightness (or acidity), and have fruity, floral, or herbal flavors.

How is Light Roast Different from Dark Roast Coffee?

Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Beans in Bag

While light roast coffee is more complex, it will appear thinner – almost like a strong tea. With brighter, more floral flavor profiles, a light roast coffee is higher in concentrations of chlorogenic acid, which protects us from cell damage and inflammation, than dark roasted coffees. So, you can definitely say your favorite superhero hangs out in your morning cuppa. 

How is Dark Roast Coffee Made?

Simply put, by letting the coffee beans roast much longer than the light roast coffee beans! Dark roasted beans get their flavor profile from long, low heat exposure driving out the moisture and naturally occurring water and cracking the surface of the bean. Twice. This heat intensifies the flavor of the bean, creating sweet, chocolatey profiles and the thick, coffee mouth-watering smell that wakes you from a sound sleep!

Aromas of Dark Roast Coffee:

  • Nutty
  • Spicy
  • Chocolatey
Dark Roast Blend Coffee in Bag

Dark roast coffee is roasted long enough to develop the oils in the beans, which make for bolder flavors. Dark roast coffee smells how you think it should taste – like toasted nuts, caramel, or what your parents drank from their drip machine at home when you were a kid. Dark roast coffee is classic in taste and nostalgic to experience. To drink it requires you to savor each rich, flavor-forward cup.

How is Dark Roast Different from Light Roast Coffee?

The longer the bean is left on the roasting machine or at a higher temperature, the more moisture is lost. This makes the bean less dense and slightly less caffeinated. It also lends the beans a singular flavor profile. This makes dark roast coffee less complex than light roast coffee, to the delight of some dark roast coffee die-hards! 

Which is the Healthiest: Light Roast or Dark Roast Coffee?

Light roast coffee is potent in chlorogenic acid (CGA), which does more than just help with inflammation. CGA can clear up a complexion and lower cholesterol as well as boost energy levels. CGAs are reduced in the roasting process, so dark roast coffees naturally contain far fewer.

Dark roast coffee may boost the “master antioxidant” known as glutathione and can restore red blood cells. Dark roast coffee also offers a boost of vitamin E. Be mindful of the quality of your coffee, however, as conventional coffee brands can contain mold, toxins, and pesticides, which quickly outweigh the positive antioxidant benefits. And sadly, there is no connection with either roast type that proves the myth about weight loss

Is Dark Roast Coffee or Light Roast Coffee More Popular?

Two People with Coffee in Cafe

Dark roast coffee has been around much longer and has a history that can only be shared over the perfect cup of coffee! Originally, all coffee beans were roasted dark. This allowed for a greater volume of coffee beans to be produced for commercial coffee companies.

When greater quantities were being produced, quality was compromised, and all beans – green, good, and bad – were roasted together at a high temperature so that they would all taste the same. With that auspicious beginning, it is no wonder that the current generation of coffee drinkers trend toward medium or light roast coffee.

What’s Next for Coffee Drinkers?

The great news is that at-home coffee trends are on the rise. This means that coffee time at home is becoming more popular and ordering quality coffee beans from online purveyors is on trend! That is not to say that people aren’t enjoying their coffee shop experiences – they just want to be able to recreate the barista experience in their own kitchens.

Convenience and immediate gratification are two benefits of brewing your favorite dark roast coffee blend at home. If you aren’t awake enough to speak, how are you supposed to order your perfect cup of morning goodness? Even with a growing trend of returning to coffee shops and at-work brewing stations, you want your cup of magic, and you want it brewed in your own kitchen.

How Do I Choose an Online Coffee Company?

Trusting your light roast coffee or dark roast coffee beans to just any company is a big ask. A quality coffee company builds its business on experience, knowledge, and relationships with family farms that are equally committed to the perfect bean. Small batch roasting is where it’s at. And if a subscription service is available to help you never run out of fresh beans again, even better!

How would you like your light roast coffee beans? Have your blend prepared and packaged so that you can savor the perfect cup of coffee. At Stone Street, we grind it at your preferred size or leave it whole, so you can easily make your perfect cup. Whether you delight in light roast coffee or the bold taste of a dark roast coffee, make sure your coffee company puts as much love into that cup of coffee as you will when you brew it!

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