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Stone Street Cold Brew Pitcher Pack Bundle

Cold Brew Made Easy With Our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs

Cold Brew Pitcher Packs are the gift that keeps on giving. A caffeine kick mixed with the refreshing sensation of a cold drink is one of our favorite things. We know that coffee lovers around the world crave cold, crisp caffeine year-round, which is why we are obsessed with our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs. It's not just cold brew; it's cold brew made easy without sacrificing the quality you've come to expect from Stone Street Coffee. 

Cold Brew Coffee Made Easy

Stone Street Cold Brew Fanatic Bundle

Most cold brew drinkers love and enjoy the process of making cold brews, and they do not mind waiting 24 hours to enjoy a perfectly curated cup of cold brew coffee. However, even the most experienced coffee drinkers appreciate the ability to make the brewing process a little simpler.

Enter our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs. The same incredible, consistent, and full-bodied flavor of our classic Cold Brew Reserve is now available in pre-portioned packs. So, when you do not have the fresh coffee beans or ground coffee on hand, or when you are looking for an easy, mess-free alternative to making cold brew coffee, we have you covered.

Our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs are perfect for your daily coffee routine, but that is not all. These make an amazing addition to any get-together, big or small. Hosting brunch with friends? Brew up a cold brew pitcher the night before. Having family over for the holidays? Prepare a pitcher of cold brew while mentally preparing for the chaos that is sure to ensue. 

How Do Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs Work?

Currently available in a 4-pack and 12-pack, this is the perfect addition to your coffee-making routine or as a gift for the coffee lovers in your life. Cold brew coffee is now available fresh in your kitchen without the need for a coffee grinder or the time necessary for measuring out ground coffee portions. We only need a few things to get started.


  • Glass Pitcher
  • Stone Street Cold Brew Pitcher Packs
Stone Street Hario Cold Brewer

We highly recommend using the Hario Cold Brewer. This Mizudashi coffee maker is made of glass with a metallic filter. This pitcher style is incredibly popular in the cold brew community for many reasons, including ease of use and portability.

It is offered in a beautiful and classic matte black and glass design. Using glass for making coffee allows for the authentic flavor of the coffee beans to shine. The filter is perfect for when you want to grind your coffee beans but is not necessary when using our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs.

Let’s Cold Brew Coffee Together

Making Cold Brew Pitcher Packs is as easy as 1, 2, 3, literally. The step-by-step instructions are simple to follow and will have you making cold brew coffee like a professional in no time at all. This process of making our fan-favorite Cold Brew Pitcher Packs takes the ease of making your weekly coffee supply to the next level.

  1. Fill
  2. Drop
  3. Chill

1. Fill your pitcher: Begin by filling your glass pitcher of choice. While we love our Hario Mizudashi coffee maker for making cold brew, it is not necessary when using our cold brew pitcher packs. The easy-to-remove filter is perfect for using our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs and for a quick and simple cleanup process.

What started as a trend in the coffee community but is now fully part of the coffee community aesthetic is using mason jars for making and drinking cold brew or iced coffee.

Stone Street Cold Brew Pitcher Packs

We recommend beginning with 32oz of cold filtered water. While the coffee beans are integral for a high-quality flavor, water also plays a large role in the flavor of our coffee. For most of our coffee lovers, this is the ideal amount of water to Cold Brew Pitcher Pack ratio. However, we highly encourage you to experiment with the amount of water to create the perfect cup of cold brew coffee for you. 

2. Drop in the packets: Grab two Cold Brew Pitcher Packs and drop them into your pitcher of cold water. Our pitcher packs are similar to tea bags, ensuring an easy and successful steeping process. They also make for easy cleanup, as there’s no need to worry about loose coffee grounds.

Our 4-pack size option of Cold Brew Pitcher Packs will make two pitchers or a two-week supply. The 12-pack option will make six pitchers, which is roughly equivalent to six weeks of pure, uninterrupted coffee enjoyment.

3. Chill out: Once you have placed the two Cold Brew Pitcher Packs in the pitcher of cold water, it is time to let the brewing magic begin. Since we are making cold brew coffee, the brewing process will be the same as when using fresh coffee grounds and will take between 20 - 24 hours.

Once the 24-hour wait is over, you can place your cold brew coffee in the fridge. Cold brew coffee will stay fresh and flavorful in your fridge for up to seven days; this is our favorite form of meal prepping. The Hario Mizudashi pitcher makes serving even easier, with its glass design for your coffee-viewing pleasure and an easy-pour spout. Enjoy!

Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs are Easy for All

Cold Brew Reserve

Did we manage to take our excellent cold brew reserve coffee beans and turn them into pre-portioned Cold Brew Pitcher Packs without sacrificing the high-quality coffee experience that you love? Absolutely, we did. And we can’t wait for you to try them.

Our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs are loaded with our famous Colombian dark-roast coffee beans, the same high-quality coffee beans you know and love from our Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve coffee. We only use the largest and finest arabica coffee beans from Colombia. Our coffee beans are classified as supremo, so you know they are the best of the best.

With our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs, you will be able to create a smooth and flavorful cold brew experience in your kitchen or office every single morning. Wake up to the sweet and exotic chocolate and nutty notes of our Cold Brew Pitcher Packs, rich in flavor and aroma that is guaranteed to make your day brighter.

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