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Sumatra Gayo

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Whether you enjoy your coffee black as night or sweetened with your favorite creamer, our Sumatra Gayo is perfect for any palate. This dark blend features beans from the Aceh region of Indonesia and is rich, complex, and smooth with notes of chocolate, stone fruit, and tropical fruit.

  • Dark roast
  • Kosher
  • Smooth body with a dark, rich taste and hints of fruit and chocolate

No matter how you enjoy your coffee, Stone Street can help you create the best cup you’ve ever had. Choose your size, then pick whole bean, fine grind, medium grind, or coarse grind for whatever style you prefer.

Choose our Sumatra Gayo for a great cup of coffee to kick your day off right.

Roast Level


Aceh (Indonesia)


1,000–1,600 masl


Giling Basah - term used by Indonesian coffee processors to describe the method they use to remove the hulls of Coffea arabica. Literally translated from Indonesian, the term means "wet grinding".

Tasting Notes

Stone Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Chocolate; complex. Smooth body.

Brew Method

Drip, French Press, Pour-Over

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Cwillis Jackson
Perfect brew

My son sent me a two pound bag because he knows I favor the Sumatran beans and dark roast. It is superb. Rich full taste with no acidity or bitterness. Perfect for French press. When I came to order it is out of stock. When does new crop come in? I bought the Sumatra Mandheling which is one is my favorites. They are almost identical except Mandheling is slightly sweeter. If you like one you will like the other.

Diane Trujillo
Sumatra Gayo

Robust flavor.

Leonid Sukher

Very good

Mark J.
Perfect kick the day off right brew

A smooth yet full bodied coffee with a touch of umami just before a long finish. Leaves you with an almost "Robusto like" caffeine kick afterwards

Kathi Repka

This coffee is amazing! Truly one of my favorite Sumatras!

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