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Stone Street Instant Coffee Sticks

Cold Brew in an Instant

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is … unless you are talking about our new Stone Street Instant Coffee Sticks, of course! That's right, we took the coffee brewing process, and we created a blend that, when added to hot or cold water, gives you the fantastic Stone Street coffee you love in an instant. So, if you love coffee but don't always have the time or resources to make it, our Instant Coffee Sticks are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Why You Should Try Stone Street Instant Coffee Sticks

Stone Street Instant Coffee

Our Instant Coffee Sticks provide the insanely smooth Stone Street coffee you already know and love in easy-to-use packets. Since they work with hot or cold water, they are ideal for year-round enjoyment. 

These individual portions of instant coffee are perfect for:

  • Taking to work
  • When you are in a hurry
  • Gifting to friends and family
  • Sharing with co-workers or visitors
  • Having a perfect cup of coffee every day

The brilliance behind our Instant Coffee sticks is their flexibility. They are perfect for everyday enjoyment in your kitchen, in addition to being the perfect size for when you are on the go. Enjoying coffee shouldn't be a chore. So, for the days you need caffeine, but you can't make the time commitment our Instant Coffee Sticks come in clutch.

Keeping a box of our Instant Coffee Sticks in your car or desk drawer at work is ideal for fighting off the dreaded 2 p.m. afternoon slump. Our instant coffee is also great for the mornings when you are running late and can’t get your caffeine fix until after you get into the office. Running late should never prevent you from having a quality cup of coffee.

Instant Coffee Sticks—The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Stone Street's The Perfect Espresso Coffee

For some of us, coffee is our love language. When you enjoy something, you want to share it with those you love. So while you might not be able to convince your friends to invest in an espresso maker or commit to making cold brew, you can give them your favorite coffee in an easy-to-use, no-mess method.

A favorite way to share our Instant Coffee Sticks with friends and family is by gifting them in creative ways.

A box of our instant cold brew packs is perfect for:

  • Stocking stuffers
  • Hanukkah presents
  • Easter baskets
  • Accompanying birthday gifts
  • Housewarming
  • Thank-you

A classic gift idea is wrapping a festive mug with a box of our Instant Coffee Sticks inside; add some cellophane and a ribbon, and you are good to go. This gift works on many levels because it doesn't require the recipient to have a coffee machine or coffee knowledge.

Stone Street Cold Brew Fanatic Bundle

Another fantastic way to gift our Instant Coffee Sticks is with a book. Grab a book you think they will love, then use a ribbon to tie our Instant Coffee Sticks on top of it. We all know the best way to enjoy a book is with caffeine because if you aren't constantly thinking "one more chapter," are you even a reader?

Brewed to Perfection, Instantly

We love our Instant Coffee Sticks, and we know you will, too. Our Instant Coffee sticks offer the same bold, even bodied, and smooth taste that you have come to expect from Stone Street Coffee Company. Ready-to-drink coffee without sacrificing the exotic intricacies and subtly sweet flavors is a win in our book. Pour, stir, enjoy, and repeat.

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