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Brazil's Matas de Minas region

Coffee Made by Women, For Everyone

Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee in the entire world. Consequently, the coffee beans in Brazil are of the highest quality. When you're surrounded by excellence, it propels you to be excellent, which is definitely the case with our new Matas de Minas coffee beans.

March is International Women's Month. The month wouldn’t be complete without spotlighting our amazingly delicious, limited-release partnership with Roseangela Moura Alves of Brazil.

Brazilian Coffee Made by Women

The coffee bean industry, like so many others, is dominated by males. However, the women in the coffee farming regions of Brazil are stepping up to the challenge and producing some of the best Brazilian coffee beans on the market.

Brazil Matas de Minas, Stone Street Coffee

This ultra-limited medium roast was grown on a micro lot in Brazil's Matas de Minas region at an altitude of 4,396 feet above sea level. A micro lot is the smallest coffee bean farm size and the most specific and traceable form of single-origin coffee.

Stone Street is beyond excited to bring this exclusive coffee to you to celebrate International Women's Month. All micro-lot coffee beans were sourced from the same region and the same harvest. So anytime you get the chance to experience coffee beans from a micro lot, we suggest you take it.

Shop Limited-Release Matas de Minas Coffee

Matas De Minas Special Qualities and Honors

These women-grown Brazilian coffee beans are from the highly sought-after Red Catuai variety. Catuai is a hybrid between the Mundo Novo and yellow Caturra plants. It is grown in both red and yellow varieties and was released in 1968. The Red Catuai is known for its high productivity and dwarf stature.

Roseangela Moura Alves’ Brazilian coffee beans were a semifinalist at the 8th annual Forca Cafe Competition. The Forca Cafe Competition was developed to support Brazilian smallholder coffee producers in improving their agricultural practices, cup quality, and profitability. In addition, the competition partners with Casa da Crianca e do Jovem Amparense, a critical youth center serving the coffee-growing community of Santo Antonio do Amparo, by sending financial donations after each competition.

Matas de Minas Brazilian coffee tasting notes:

Stone Street Coffee Logo
  • Orange
  • Lemonade
  • Black Tea
  • Candy-like sweetness
  • Citric and Malic Acidity 

Stone Street is confident you will love Roseangela Moura Alves' medium roasted coffee beans with their bright and fruity flavors typically reserved for lighter roasts. It is available in whole bean, coarse grind, medium grind, or fine grind. The flavor and roast combination make it ideal for almost any brewing method.

Brazilian Matas de Minas recommended brewing methods:

Drink Women-Produced Coffee Year-Round

Bodum 34oz Stone Street French Press

Supporting women-owned businesses locally and abroad doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, and it doesn't have to be reserved for the month of March. Anytime you are supporting a woman-owned business, you are helping that family and also sending a message to the next generation of girls that their voices and talents matter.

Whether you are a man or woman, drinking Matas de Minas coffee is a delicious and empowering way to start your day. It is a privilege for us to support Roseangela Moura Alves. Let's continue to support women and continue to drink high-quality coffee.

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