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Can Drinking Decaf Coffee Improve Your Health?

Can Drinking Decaf Coffee Improve Your Health?

Coffee is wonderful, but it's not feasible for many people to drink their favorite caffeinated beverages on a regular basis. For others, they absolutely need their morning caffeine fix but can't sleep if they keep drinking caffeine throughout the day. This is why so many people are turning to decaf coffee flavor options, especially decaf cold brew.

It might surprise you to find out there are a lot of decaf coffee benefits for your mental and physical health. While caffeinated coffee reigns supreme, the number of coffee drinkers realizing that decaf coffee is good for you is rising. More than 16% of Americans drink decaf coffee flavors, while an impressive 21% of millennials drink decaf coffee flavors.

Does Decaf Coffee Have Caffeine?

Cold Brew Swiss Water Decaf Blend in Bag

Decaf coffee has caffeine, though the process of decaffeination removes 97% of the caffeine from coffee beans. The average cup of coffee contains between 85 and 180 grams of caffeine, which means decaf coffee flavors contain between 2 and 5 grams of caffeine. We break down the decaffeination process here, but let's get into why decaf coffee is good for you.

What are the Top Decaf Coffee Benefits?

It's surprising to many people when they discover caffeinated and decaf coffee is good for you. Many of the health benefits associated with caffeinated coffee are also found in decaf coffee flavors, minus the potential side effects of caffeine. We’ll break down the top decaf coffee benefits and why you should consider adding decaf coffee flavors to your rotation.

3 Ways Decaf Coffee is Good for You:

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Improves Sleep
  • Packs in antioxidants

A bonus reason to drink decaf coffee is how it helps prevent heartburn. 

Decaf Coffee Benefits Anxiety

Southern Pecan Decaf in Bag

In the words of Olivia Rodrigo, decaf coffee is “good 4 u,” minus the teen angst, heartbreak, and dope beats. A huge decaf coffee benefit is that super-low caffeine levels lead to fewer anxiety triggers. Of course, it helps that research proves that merely the smell of coffee can conjure up the cognitive processes that increase concentration, memory, and mood.

So, if you find yourself missing the effects of coffee but not the anxiety that can come with it, this decaf coffee benefit will have you experiencing all the pros without any of the cons. While depression is separate from anxiety, unfortunately, they often go together. So, finding ways to reduce anxiety triggers is imperative for your mental health.

Decaf Coffee is Good for Your Sleep

A close relative to anxiety is insomnia. How can you be expected to sleep when you can't focus on which thing you want to stress out and be anxious over. Sometimes something as simple as creating a healthy bedtime routine can improve sleep. A great night's sleep is the first step to having a great day. 

5 Tips for a Restful Night’s Sleep:

  • Have a set bedtime
  • Remove all electronics from reach (we know, this is a lot to ask)
  • Stretch or meditate to calm your body and mind
  • Only climb in bed when you feel sleepy - train your brain to associate your bed with sleep.
  • Create a sleep-inducing bedroom with a comfy bed, calming colors, decor, etc. 
Stone Street Coffee Tumbler in 20oz

The ideal time to stop drinking caffeine is 3 pm. This ensures you can be in bed by nine and get a full eight hours of sleep. We recommend keeping a pitcher of decaf cold brew in your fridge, so reaching for the decaf option is quick and easy.

Since decaf cold brew coffee is brewed ahead of time, it makes opting for the decaf option in the afternoon a natural choice. Also, since decaf cold brew is cold without needing ice, Stone Street decaf cold brew is perfect for sticking in a tumbler to join you in the office, at the farmers market, or out running errands. Don’t forget to tag us on your adventures!  

Antioxidants Make Decaf Coffee Good for You

Caffeinated and decaf coffee flavors are chock-full of antioxidants. But, if you're not sure what antioxidants are, you're not alone. One of the significant decaf (and caffeinated) coffee benefits is the high levels of antioxidants. It's a buzzworthy name common in many health products, but not many people know precisely what antioxidants do.

Antioxidants inhibit the process that creates free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms in your body. Free radicals are missing an electron, so their sole purpose is to find another atom to bind with. As a result, they create total chaos inside the body. Eating a diet high in antioxidants and using skincare products with antioxidants are essential in maintaining homeostasis.

Can Decaf Coffee Benefit Heartburn Sufferers?

Espresso Decaffeinato

Decaf coffee is good for you if you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux when drinking regular coffee. Caffeine increases the acidity in gastric secretions and is believed to trigger relaxation of the esophageal sphincter, leading to acid reflux or making an existing condition worse. A major decaf coffee benefit is that without caffeine, heartburn and acid-reflux flare-ups are things of the past.

When looking for the least acidic coffee option, decaf cold brew will be the best bet. This is because the colder brewing temperatures in decaf cold brew and regular cold brew help neutralize acids leading to less acid reflux and heartburn. 

Cold Brew and Decaf Cold Brew Coffee 

Our Favorite Decaf Coffee Flavors

These are the most popular Stone Street decaf coffee flavors. However, when it comes to regular or decaf, coffee flavor doesn't impact the acidity level. So, when choosing a decaf coffee flavor, always go with your taste buds.

Long-Lasting Benefits, Why Decaf Coffee is Good for you

European Fancy Decaf

According to the National Coffee Association, nearly 70% of the United States population drinks coffee, and of that, 62% drink coffee every single day. These percentages are up 5% since 2015, and there's no sign of the numbers going down. So changing needs, whether to improve your sleep, decrease anxiety, or increase your antioxidants, doesn't mean giving up coffee.

There are so many ways that decaf coffee is good for you, and with so many different decaf coffee flavors available, it's easy to find a great-tasting decaf option. So, queue up a podcast, grab your favorite decaf cold brew and drink up all the decaf coffee benefits without the caffeine.

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