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Rainforest Espresso

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Treat yourself to your favorite espresso treat at home with a bag of our Rainforest Espresso. This coffee is so creamy and smooth that you’ll swear it’s a blend. Enjoy a cup of espresso first thing in the morning or craft a latte using these delicious beans. You’ll love the flavor and the fact that this coffee is kosher and Rainforest Alliance certified.

  • Medium roast
  • Kosher
  • Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Smooth and creamy with tons of versatility

Stone Street Coffee will help you create your favorite morning routine with multiple customization options. Pick a one-, two-, or five-pound bag with beans that are whole or ground perfectly for your brewing method of choice.

Fall in love with the beautiful flavors and incredible versatility of our Rainforest Espresso.

Roast Level

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Horner

Rainforest Espresso

I've found heaven...and it's in the Rainforest

over the past few months we've been trying different espresso blends and single origins to find our favorite. The Rainforest blend wins by a long shot (pun intended)!

Richard Williams
Oh, WOW!

The title of this review says it all. I have been making espresso for over 30 years, tried many many roasters including one right across the street from me, and while his is damn good, Stone Street is fabulous! Creamy mouthfeel, not bitter in any way, very dark brown extraction, stays on the palate. If you're reading this and are on the fence regarding this blend, do yourself a favor and just buy it! I cannot say enough about about how wonderful this Rainforest is. There were some shipping issues, but the coffee was worth the wait. Buy a pound, you'll be glad you did!


peter kang
good balance of roast level

I tried both the "perfect espresso" and the "rainforest espresso". While I did appreciate the "perfect espresso" my personal preference is lower roast level. This roast is a bit lighter - less of the classic caramel/chocolate/darker notes a more brightness in the flavor

David Binder
Finding the right roast

Miscela Privata is a rich, full-body dark-medium roast with delicious crema and subtle notes of chocolate.
Rainforest Espresso is a smooth, full-body medium roast, with hints of Brazil Nut sweetness.
When I combine the two, 1:1, the result is very rich, high crema and smooth, with no bitterness and a tasteful aftertaste which improves over several minutes. Mmm good!

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