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The Perfect Drip

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There’s no such thing as a normal cup of coffee at Stone Street. If you’re more into drip style, you’ll love the favorites our team has picked out! The Perfect Drip offers a selection of three of our team’s favorite blends, each with its own unique flavors.


French Roast: The name French roast comes from the color of the coffee beans after they’ve been roasted, and it typically falls on a darker scale than other blends. Made with Brazilian Mogiana beans from South America, our French Roast offers a clean and bright taste, smooth flavor, and pleasant aroma. Even though it’s a dark roast, this coffee features a mild taste perfect for everyday drinking.


House Blend: When we think about our House Blend, we’re reminded of why we roast coffee - so it tastes as delicious as coffee should! This blend features beans from South America and offers a smooth and elegant taste paired with bright acidity and a smoky finish.


Main Street: When you have multiple people to please, our Main Street blend is a perfect choice. This familiar blend offers a classic taste of sweet African peaberries and tangy centrals that can please those looking for a strong taste or something milder.


Choose to keep your beans whole, or let us custom grind each bag to the perfect consistency for drip, French press, or espresso. Enjoy coffee the way it should be with our selection of The Perfect Drip.

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    The Perfect Drip

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    It was good

    Good coffee

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