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Knee Buckling Espresso

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Whether you prefer to drink it as a single shot or blend it into delicious lattes, our Knee Buckling Espresso will provide the rich taste you love. This blend features five different arabica beans and comes together with a full body, rich crema, and unmistakable velvety elegance. Unlike some styles, this espresso stands up wonderfully to milk for a cappuccino or latte while also offering a complete flavor profile for a straight, smooth shot. 

- Blend

- Dark roast

- Kosher

- Blend of five arabica coffees with a full body and velvety finish

Our team helps each customer create the perfect coffee experience with a range of customizations. Choose from one of three bag sizes, and then let us custom grind your beans to the perfect consistency for everything from French press to espresso. Or take the beans home whole and grind them yourself! 

Wake up with the rich, clean taste of our Knee Buckling Espresso.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Kaveh Saffari
Fresh , Fantastic espresso at a fair price.

New Yorkers have a long history of being the center of attention in any and all things within the libation world. Stone Street came out of nowhere to this East Coast guy living in Cali. This is a great coffee period. Low acidity with a hint of chocolate and a bit of fruit flavor to go with it. In my ECM Synkronika machine the shit turned my mornings and afternoon shots to a delight. Just love their coffee. Freshness of the initial roast matters the most and they pack these fresh. I easily walk away when there is zero crema. Not this bad boy. We love this coffee. I’m a fan. Don’t change a thing. 5 1/2 stars out of 5. 1/2 Starr extra for shits and giggle.

Christi S

An espresso that's consistent and never tastes acidic or overpowering. Open the bag and you'll understand why we love it so much. The beans are roasted to perfection and brew a smooth cup or mug. I also use it to brew Turkish coffee. It saves me so much money compared to the specialized blends and actually tastes better. The espresso grind is perfect for a cup.

Best Espresso Ever

I have been a devote of the espresso coffee sold by PexTs
It was the GOLD STANDARD to me
Decided to give this espresso a try. BOY oh BOY! This coffee is amazing.
My absolute go to and only goto coffee as of today

Kathleen Cetola
Love, love, love!

Delightful! Two thumbs up!

Trudy Glidden
Love It

Full and smooth

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