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Instant Coffee - Cold & Hot

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Anyone who is still bashing instant coffee obviously has never tried ours! Running late or traveling isn’t an excuse for skipping your favorite morning ritual. Stone Street Instant Coffee uses the finest arabica coffee beans from Central and South America blended together with a custom micro-ground coffee from Honduras for flavors of smooth milk chocolate, a zesty acidity, and a soft and silky body.

  • Blend
  • Medium roast
  • Kosher
  • 10 sticks

Enjoying this delicious coffee is as easy as opening the packet, pouring it into hot or cold water, and giving it a quick stir. We recommend one stick for four ounces of hot water and two sticks for eight ounces of cold or ice water.

Whether you’re on the road or need a quick cup of coffee on the go, you’ll love the quality and flavor of our Instant Coffee.  

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Customer Reviews

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E. Oharra
Great substitute

I bought this for when I was in a morning rush, but also found it made a good substitute when I forgot to start a cold brew batch and ran out. I think it tastes great and dissolves well, even in cold water. I appreciate that each serving is individually wrapped in a tube, so there is no big opened jar sitting in the pantry going stale. While it is not my daily go-to coffee, it certainly does well as a backup and I will always keep it in stock!

Scharla Baker
Best Instant Coffee-EVER!

I've recently become a fan of instant coffee and Stone Street's new Instant Coffee doesn't disappoint. You really can't tell it's instant.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee never my first choice, BUT sometimes a necessity. Your instant is better than any other i have tried!@

Carole Mandryk
Instant iced coffee hits the spot

I actually just received my order today - mostly espresso but a box of the instant to try. As it is late afternoon and 85 degrees I thought I'd try out the instant. It wasn't as fine-grained as others I've tried, but did dissolve instantly when stirred into cold water. It's a total win. I do espresso or hand grind and Aeropress in the morning, or prep cold brew when organized, but these sticks will be perfect for a truly instant drink. Thanks!


Is the best instant coffee that I ever try

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