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Espresso Lover Pack

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Love lattes and espresso shots but can’t decide on the perfect blend? Our Espresso Lover Pack makes it easy to try out each flavor. This set features three of our favorite espresso blends, each offering a unique taste and style we love.


Knee Buckling Espresso: We use five different types of arabica beans to make up this delicious blend. The taste is full-bodied and velvety with a rich crema that makes for a wonderfully smooth straight shot but stands up well to milk for a flavorful cappuccino or latte.


Rainforest Espresso: If you enjoy a smooth and creamy taste, this coffee is for you. It’s Rain Forest Alliance certified, and with a taste this incredible, you’ll find it hard to believe that it’s not a blend!


The Perfect Espresso: We truly believe the name says it all. This roast provides a classic taste that will transport your tastebuds to an Italian café. The flavor is complex and multi-dimensional, with an endless crema that is sure to live up to its name.


Enjoy a bold taste with our Espresso Lover Pack.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Gary Comstock
    Awesome Espresso

    I recently tried stone street coffee at a business that I go to frequently and was hooked so I ordered the sample pack with three different flavors knee buckling espresso, reinforced espresso, and the perfect espresso all are incredibly good way better than the company I was using before

    Susan Lazarus
    Start me up!

    I’ve been trying different espressos and yours are by far the best.
    Great way to start my day! Perfect with my collagen creamer or on its own.
    I’ve heard mixed things about storing in freezer or on shelf, what do you recommend?

    Best espresso!

    The best I have ever bought online! And the best price! The resealable bag was one of the reasons I bought it, but once I tasted how delicious and different each espresso blend was. I was hooked. Thank you for my new addiction!

    Jon Machutt
    Best Espresso Beans

    This pack features the best espresso beans I've ever had. I highly recommend giving this pack a shot. You won't be disappointed!

    We're happy to hear that you enjoy them as much as we do Jon! Thank you!

    Ashley Moore
    Deliciously perfect

    100% would order from Stone Street coffee again. It’s the perfect espresso smoothness, and absolutely delicious drank alone or with milk.

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