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Costa Rica Tarrazu

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Get 12 bags for the price of 9! Free domestic shipping on your order. When you order 12 bags of regularly priced coffee, you will get 3 of those bags FREE.

Discover our Costa Rica Tarrazu. This coffee is crafted by a cooperative of farmers around the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Many of these farmers only produce 10 bags of green coffee per year! This coffee is a favorite of ours and is creamy, sweet, with notes of milk chocolate and citrus.

  • Light roast
  • Kosher
  • Sweet and balanced, with a creamy body, bright acidity and notes of milk chocolate and citrus.

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee however you like it with Stone Street Coffee. Choose whole beans, or let us grind a bag that’s perfect for French press, espresso, or drip coffee.

Taste the flavors of Central America with our Costa Rica Tarrazu.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Homebody 205
Nice and smooth

This is a nice lighter blend coffee. It’s so smooth. Dark “Starbucks” like coffee is not my favorite, and this is just perfect for me!

Paul Dutram
Another wonderful coffee

Love this coffee. It's so flexible for me, I usually drink dark roast but this blends well and is great on its own when you want something lighter.

Coffee Shopper
Delicious Coffee!

I am thoroughly enjoying this newest coffee treat from Stone Street. The coffee is smooth with a wonderful aroma and an even better taste. I look forward to enjoying this coffee for a long time!

Best coffee I have ever made

I’m using a Moka pot and it is a little hit-or-miss, but when it is on, it is memorable. It stands up well to the high heat and pressure of the Moka pot. There is so much going on in the cup. Extremely bright and lively. I was very sad when the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe went out of stock. I saw a review here that said this was even better and I agree. It would probably make a great espresso or Americano as well.

Richard Pietron

Costa Rica Tarrazu

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