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Colombian Supremo

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Get 12 bags for the price of 9! Free domestic shipping on your order. When you order 12 bags of regularly priced coffee, you will get 3 of those bags FREE.

We believe in getting the very best straight from the source, which is why our Colombian Supremo is one of our favorites. The blue-green color of the coffee beans and 18 screen create a beautiful visual, while the flavor profile offers a higher acidity with a clean finish. The solid body and notes of caramel and chocolate make it a perfect choice for everyday drinking or special occasions.

  • South American
  • Light roast
  • Kosher
  • Higher acidity, clean finish, and notes of sweet caramel and chocolate

This high-quality coffee is a must-have for any home or office. Select a one-pound bag for single servings or a two- or five-pound bag for larger groups. You can also customize your grind, including whole bean, coarse, medium, and fine for styles ranging from French press to espresso.

Enjoy the very best coffee with our Colombian Supremo.

Roast Level


Multiple regions (Colombia)


1,200–2,000 m.a.s.l


Caturra, Typica, Bourbon



Tasting Notes

Chocolate, Caramel, Sweet, Fruity

Brew Method

Drip, French Press, Pour-Over

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Stan Brutkiewicz
Love it

You guys are fantastic!

Robert McNamara

Closer to a medium roast than light but smooth taste and aroma!

Erik Kline
Supremo Supreme

I have recently ordered and received my Colombian Supremo and I could not be happier. I have a French Press and your course grind works perfectly and the taste is magnificent. I have actually ordered 12 different coffees and started a rating system. My Stone Street Colombian Supremo has the highest rating of all.

Paul Hollis
The BEST Coffee we have found for French Press yet

This Coffee-Stone Street Colombian Supremo- is the BEST coffee we have tried with our French Press yet. This is also the best Stone Street coffee with have tasted as well. This coffee is very smooth, not bitter, and has a very nice lingering coffee taste.

Daniel Defilippo
Great find

I found this coffee recommended on a list and decided to try it out. I absolutely love it for its smoothness and great taste. Will be buying again.

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